Return to the Psychopub

Return to the Psycho pub
(J. DeMaio/K. Logan + Hulk)
Now the time has come let’s go to a pub come on
We’re back together to the party it’s time to drink
Some more time to kill w/ Manowar we will
Fight the world of fucking posers we’re on the ring
We ain’t waiting to get wrong we’re drinking beer - beer that's strong
Kiss my ass if you don't like how I feel sick
I got my friends - true metal men & we’re in the pub again
We’re all crazy gonna drink & we’ll be drunk
Time to drink you loser better think
No Scheisse’s just controlling us
We’ll drink all beer we will doing quickly like windmill
We’re here to alcoholize

Manowar picked us together to our famous crowd
And now we’re fighting world in Psycho Pub
I don't like to save it's more fun to drink
If you like metal you hate Sting
And that tankard on the bar well that’s my sup
Don’t try to stop the metal – the metal’s really real
Had to blow all speakers out and more I will
I might watch TV, go to elections either way it’s my reaction one more beer and heavy metal
And i'm just fine

We are true metal people we’re not drinking just for a test
We’re here tonight to fight w/o rest
Scream with power Hail and Kill let’s drink all beer we will
Living hard and drinking fast